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Using Prezi in Talks and Workshops

I have been invited for a talk on Wednesday 12 December for the postgraduate students on the MA ELT course about Dogme ELT.  It is an honour to be asked up to give a talk on this subject.  Furthermore, it is the first time that I am going to be trying to Prezi in the classroom instead of carrying around my MacBook Air and all the paraphernalia to give a talk.  Fortunately, the computers at the University of Sussex are all connected to the internet and I will be able to use Prezi (fingers crossed).  The Prezi for this talk can be viewed below.

On the off chance that the Prezi talk fails, I have a backup on my external hard-drive with a copy with PowerPoint.

The handout for this talk (available for attendees) is embedded below.  Feel free to contact me should you wish for a copy to be emailed.

Incorporating Dogme ELT in the Classroom Handout

Anyhow, has anyone else used Prezi for a presentation before?  What do you think are the benefits or disadvantages of using cloud presentation software?  Have you tried the iPad or iPhone Prezi app before to present before?

So many questions and please leave your thoughts or reflections below in the comments section.  🙂


  1. Nice prezi Martin! May I use it with my DELTA's? Please say yes 🙂

  2. Hi Marisa. You are more than welcome to use it with your DELTA candidates. Perhaps next time I could be invited to help with the input session 😉

    I would appreciate if you could reference the talk Marisa. I am glad you like my very first Prezi.

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