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University of Oxford Video Tour: Lesson Plan and Material

It seems fitting that I continue past blogging performance with another lesson based post, but rather than post another authentic listening lesson, I would prefer to focus on authentic video.  The authentic video is related to a tour – which is rather educational itself – of the University of Oxford.  There are various gist and more detailed activities which revolve around the video itself with a final memorisation game.  

A lovely supplementary lesson idea, as mentioned by a wonderful colleague, Peter Clements (ELT Planning) – who I might add is rather new to blogging but has some wonderful lesson ideas and I would highly recommend you reading his blog – suggested a tour of our school, whereby students prepare their own video tours of the school – which could be replicated by any other institution and their very own school.

Anyhow, I do hope you enjoy this lesson idea and you are able to incorporate it into your very own teaching.  All materials are available as part of a PDF download and the video of the tour of the University is embedded below.  As ever, it would be wonderful to hear how you got on with this lesson.


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  2. Why can’t I download the PDF?

    • Martin Sketchley

      You should be able to download the PDF from Scribd.com. You just need to be registered. Otherwise, send me an email or contact me and I would be happy to forward all PDFs to you.

      • jaime

        Hi can I have a copy of the PDF please?

        • Martin Sketchley

          I have updated the blog post so that you can now have the lesson and PDF document available to download. Thank you for your comment and I hope that you enjoy using the lesson with your class. 😊

  3. I want to learn english

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