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"Top Tips for Young Learner Teachers": Teacher Training

I gave a teacher training session in Brighton earlier today, named “Top Tips for Young Learner Teachers“. The training session was around an hour and a half but there were plenty of things to keep everyone occupied. The training session was aimed for teachers, both experienced or those fresh of a CELTA Course, with relatively limited experience teaching young learners. The slides for this training session can be viewed below.

What tips do you have for teaching young learners? Do you have a favourite game? How do you like to start your lessons? As ever, leave a comment below.


  1. Can only be viewed on scribd …. Shame

    • Martin Sketchley

      That’s where I put PDF files of worksheets, powerpoints, etc.

    • Martin Sketchley

      Just to let you know Patricia, the video of the workshop is now available to watch. I hope you enjoy it! 😉

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