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The Impact of COVID-19 to TEFL

In the context of COVID, we are sure that you are curious about where the English Language Teaching world is from a teaching perspective? This is a year that has affected all of our lives in so many ways and the effects of COVID have obviously had a major impact on the ELT markets around the world. In short, the ELT industry is still coming to terms with all that has happened this year.

To truly understand where ELT is at the moment, The TEFL Academy went about conducting an in-depth study of the industry as a whole. It is clear from their findings that many people are considering teaching English for the very first time. This is due to the increase in online English teaching English work that is now available, coupled with the emergence of ‘working from home’ being the norm for so many people around the world. Ultimately the closure of in-classroom schools did not cause a decrease in demand for teachers but indeed an increase with schools switching to online learning methods.

The TEFL Academy learned that many of their students and TEFL teachers’ original plans and ambitions have been altered this year. Perhaps your own teaching plans have been changed too? If this is the case, the following 6 findings from the recent survey will be of interest to you and may even surprise you somewhat!

  • The Majority of TEFL Teachers Have Been Affected by COVID

TEFL teachers were asked the question, ‘Has COVID impacted your TEFL journey’? From which the majority of people have felt the effects this year – to which 52% said it has.

  • 52% of Teachers Surveyed Become TEFL Qualified Post-COVID

Responders were asked if their TEFL journey began or become TEFL qualified before COVID reached your country of residence? This was almost an even split but the majority of people (52%) said that they started with journey after COVID became a feature of their lives.

  • The Desire to Upskill was the biggest Motivation to Become TEFL Qualified

The TEFL Academy asked those who have just completed or purchased a TEFL course, what motivated them to do it? The two biggest motivating factors were using the free time that some people experience during lockdowns and also those who were looking to embark a journey of teaching English abroad.

  • TEFL Teachers are still Keen to Travel

Are people still motivated to travel abroad (when it is permitted to do so in their region) despite the COVID situation? The answer was overwhelmingly yes! New and experienced TEFL teachers are still keen to travel the world.

  • Europe and Asia are the Continents of Choice to Teach In

The sentiment for travel is strong despite the fact that an overwhelming majority are not currently teaching abroad. So, where do people who are currently studying to become TEFL teachers want to teach? Well the answer to that has two parts. Firstly, teaching online is the most popular choice when put as an option, followed closely by Europe and Asia.

  • 82% of TEFL Teachers are Planning to Teach Online

The world has become much more ‘au fait’ with digital communication and work generally in the past few months. Our survey results in total really drive home the point that qualified and aspiring TEFL teachers are for the most part ready and willing to take up online teaching jobs.

As we have all come to learn in the last number of months, everything we do and know is subject to change. But one thing is not changing. People desire to learn English as a foreign language and for people to learn how to teach it! The TEFL Academy’s market leading TEFL courses are truly the best way to get qualified to teach, in whatever way that our new world presents you with!

Do these stats chime with your experience? How was your teaching experience affected by COVID? You can read The TEFL Academy’s findings in full here.

Written by Simon O’Toole

Simon O’Toole is a member of the marketing team at The TEFL Academy. Part of his job is to spread the good word of TEFL far and wide!

A note from me: Simon was very approachable and responsive when he requested that he share some information about the impact of COVID-19 in relation to the teaching of English as a foreign language. Thank you for your contribution to this article and it makes for some very important reading for those that are thinking about the future industry of English as a foreign language. Great post Simon and thank you!

If you wish to contribute with guest post, then please get in touch.

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  1. This is very good. I’ve been teaching ESL for 11 years now, and this past year has changed everything in the teaching community -from how we teach to how students learn and receive their education. I hope this time helps all of us who teach to develop and grow into more versatile and better teachers.

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