I have developed a lesson plan for the teaching of articles for teenagers and adult learners.  I should really thank a fellow colleague that I work with at the British Council Bucharest for inspiring me to use Mr Bean videos for the teaching of various grammar or topic areas.  It was a wonderful suggestion, and since returning to the UK (albeit for a short period) I have tried to develop material for different areas of grammar and topics.  The best thing about Mr Bean videos are the various situations that Rowan Atkinson decides to include with the character as well as being known by many international learners around the world.  Anyhow, here is the lesson plan for incorporating the teaching of articles in the classroom.

First of all, you could introduce the topic of articles (a, an, the, -) to learners via the PowerPoint file (available to download via Scribd) and is available to view below.
The Use of Articles

After looking at the grammar, tell learners that they will be watching a Mr Bean video where he prepares to meet the Queen.  Tell learners that they need to make a note of what he does to prepare the meeting of the Queen.  The video is available to watch on YouTube here:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JizFAhEpiEc]

Handout the worksheet (once the video has finished) and get learners to transcribe their notes on the handout.  It is probably best to either cut the worksheet in half or get learners to fold it over (so they don’t see the reading (which will have the answers to the previous activity).  Once learners have been given an opportunity to share their answers and the teacher provides some scaffolding for language that has emerged from the video, you can move on to the next part of the worksheet whereby learners need to choose the correct article.
Mr Bean Meets the Queen – Articles

There is also a Wordle in PDF format that is available to hand out to learners at the end of the session for them to review or analyse the use of articles in English.  I tried this lesson out with different abilities of learners and they were really focused (especially one group that has difficulty focusing during the class).  I hope that you make use of this but all credit should go to one colleague at the British Council in Bucharest that help me develop this further.
Articles Wordle