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It has been a cold start to the year in the UK, especially here in the South East. A few weeks ago, we had snow on two separate occasions – which was a pleasant surprise. Anyhow, I thought I would write a new blog post with some videos that were shared with me and what I think would benefit the English language classroom.

These short videos are both comical and have a phrasal verb focus. For example, the first part of the phrasal verb video, by Phrasal Verbs Friends, looks at the different meanings of the word “take out”. The second video in this series looks at the different meanings of “get over”, while the final video looks at the meanings of “set up”. All phrasal verbs placed into a context and situation within a dialogue and then the meanings are given within the videos themselves.

Mystery Mansion Part 1: Take Out


Mystery Mansion Part 2: Get Over


Mystery Mansion Part 3: Set Up


I would definitely recommend the videos to higher level learners. They are all engaging and very funny. Some of the activities that could be incorporated within class could be reorganising dialogues from the videos, getting students to role-play the dialogue from the video, the usual gap-fill exercises after watching the video as well as trying to remember meanings of the phrasal verbs. How would you use the YouTube videos above in class?

Do not forget to watch some of the videos on ELT Experiences (YouTube). Do you have your own YouTube Channel that you would like to share in the comments?

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  1. Aysha Rizwan

    wow. good resource. Also give work sheets

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