Real English Lesson: Functional Language

I recorded this lesson at my work of a fellow teacher preparing learners with functional language for debates and expressing points of view. It was a great lesson and I was so grateful being able to observe and record such a valuable lesson. I now thought that I will share this lesson with you all to see how my colleague is able to engage, motivate and support learners during a lesson. Enjoy!

Edit: One reader requested the handout which was used during the lesson. This can be viewed below.

7 thoughts on “Real English Lesson: Functional Language”

  1. Thanks Martin, I really enjoyed that. I especially liked the ways she handled the feedback stage. Any chance we could see a copy of the handout she used?

    1. Hi Lisa. Thank you ever so much. I’m afraid I’m unable to provide a copy of the handout as this was recorded around six months ago. I’ll speak to my colleague to see if she can remember what handout she used – fingers crossed.

      Anyhow, don’t forget to Like and Subscribe on YouTube.

      1. Excellent, thank you! It’s great to see she used some of the more “natural” expressions, rather than some of the tired old ones we see over and over again in coursebooks. Please thank her for me, too. 🙂

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