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Past Simple Reading Relay: Lesson Plan

I created a lesson plan yesterday for students so that they could practice the Past Simple form.  I found a bit more about Heath Ledger and then created a reading relay.  There are two parts to this lesson; first students have to re-create the past simple question forms and, secondly, students then have to look for the correct information.

You would be able to link this lesson to Superheroes.  Personally, I got students to create their own superheroes and then they look at popular superheroes and we brainstormed vocabulary (alias, superpowers, costume, arch enemy) which we linked to Batman and then finally to Heath Ledger.  It was a long context builder but the students enjoyed it.

Anyhow, please find below the lesson plan and please feel to share and provide feedback.  I hope your students enjoy this.

Question Formation
Heath Ledger Question Formation

Reading Relay
Heath Ledger Reading Relay  


  1. Hi Martin Sketchley, my name is Emmanuel Cavalcante and i like so much to study english. I saw your blog and think very very and very good blog. I would like to know if you can help me… i'm a learner of english but but i i started to stud a many years ago and now i don't have anyone to pratice with me.
    I think that i need to speak but my friends doesn't like to talk in english.
    I'll do a intervew at Emirates as Fly Attendent but i'm nervous 'cause the tests it's very difficult to do.
    Can you help me?
    Sorry if i'm writting wrong, but i need to pratice more.
    Emmanuel Cavalcante from Brazil.

  2. Thank you for your comment Emmanuel. I hope you continue to follow my blog but I would also encourage you to follow the following:

    1. http://www.bbclearningenglish.com/
    2. http://a4esl.org/
    3. http://esolcourses.blogspot.com/

    The best method for any interview is practice. Anticipate the questions that the interviewer could ask; “Why do you want the job?”, “What do you know about the company”, etc. Then think about the best way to answer these questions. Record yourself answering these questions and then replay the recording. Make a note of any particular words that require improving.

    Best of luck and most of all enjoy it.

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