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😃✍️💯 Pass The Second CELTA Written Assignment (Part 1) 💯✍️😃

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a video about the first CELTA assignment. In this post, I look at how to pass the second CELTA assignment. As this is quite a big task, I have split this video up into 2 parts. The first part (below), details what to consider when writing your essay, how best to complete the task as well as what to do if you have to resubmit your assignment.

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😃✍️💯 Pass The Second CELTA Written Assignment (Part 2) 💯✍️😃 – ELT Experiences at

[…] week, we looked at the first part of the second CELTA written assignment. This week, we look at the second component of this assignment and what to […]


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