I offer a range of English teaching and tutoring courses. Find out more information below.

Exam Preparation Courses

If you are seeking an online English teacher to help you with preparation for IELTS or other associated examinations, then please get in touch. I have been teaching English for over 14 years and also have a wide range of experience. Recently, I have prepared learners with their academic studies at a University in the UK and I know what Higher Educational organisations seek with their students.

Young Learner Courses

I have taught children from ages between 6 to 17 years from various countries. If you would like your child to improve their overall speaking ability, then get in touch and a course can be designed around the student. Most of my young learners have continued on to study a subject within an English speaking country or achieved the best marks in English at school.

General English Adult Courses

One of the biggest challenges facing adults to communicate in English is the lack of confidence. My tutoring and training provides students with the confidence to communicate verbally or with their writing in English. Join my General English Course to learn how to speak English naturally and without fear.

If you are interested in completing an English course with me, then please get in touch by completing the following form. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to get in touch. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.