Writing the lesson plan on the CELTA can be quite tough. However, in today’s video, I look at how to make it easier to understand and how to break CELTA lesson planning down to help you do better with your teaching practice.

Here are some tips for writing your lesson plan on the CELTA:

  1. Aims: Think about what you would like your students to achieve by the end of the lesson. Try to focus on “By the end of the lesson, students will be able to …”. This will help you define what your primary aims and secondary aims are.
  2. Staging: Write down the different stages of the lesson. Don’t jump ahead but think about how you get there. If you are setting up a listening task, consider the warm-up or activating interest by discussion, introducing key language, initial listening for gist and then a more detailed listening. All these should written down. This will help you think about the stages of the lesson.
  3. Students: Consider who you are teaching and write down the class profile. Things to include ages, male to female mix, number of students in the class, overall level as well as any learner difficulties with English (pronunciation, grammar, etc.).
  4. Materials: When you are delivering a lesson, you will have to consider the materials that you use and how to supplement the course book. You could use flashcards, PPT as well as dice. All this needs to be included in the lesson plan.
  5. Feedback: One thing that you should consider is feedback from the trainers when they provide it for your lesson plan. You will receive some feedback and it is important to take this on board. Bite your lip and follow their lead. It will make your life easier.

Here is a lesson plan template: https://bit.ly/2XAGmBy