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Learning Japanese for the First Time Ever: Video Update

In my previous blog post, I shared the first day of attending an online Beginner Japanese course. In this post, I share the challenges that I encounter completing some form of self-study.

Learning the Japanese alphabet is a struggle

What I found most difficult of learning a language remotely is the isolation that one is faced during self-study. I must try to learn the alphabet but as I encounter it, I am unable to complete the first activity in the main coursebook. I am still having to deal with a completely foreign alphabet and my go-to second language is Korean. Obviously I see some similarities to Korean but I still feel very much a baby in Japanese.

I was hoping to learn some basic grammar constructs independently but I feel that this is a very slow process. Hopefully, as the weeks progress, I will start to achieve more in my (own) language learning journey with minimal sessions online. So far, the online sessions have been great but I still feel very motivated to achieve more.

Keep on learning everyone and stay safe.


  1. I hope you post a follow up about learning Japanese! Or will you only be taking the one lesson?

    • Martin Sketchley

      I’m taking a ten week course so I will be sharing my developments over the course. I will also like to share what online applications that I use to help me with self-study.

  2. D’oh! Please delete that first comment Martin as I have just found your original, written post!

    • Martin Sketchley

      That’s alright. Thanks for the comments and don’t worry. I’m planning to continue studying for around six months. If I have the chance to visit Japan in the future then that would be amazing. 😊

      • That’s amazing! Japan looks and sounds absolutely incredible. I wanted to go out there this October but… nothing has gone as planned this year.

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