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“KOTESOL Yongin Chapter”: Teacher Webinar

I was fortunate enough to be invited to give a talk for the Korea TESOL Association about action research which I conducted over the summer months in relation to the challenges of teaching remotely. The talk included an overview and results of the research as well as practical tips for teaching different skills or functions remotely. A huge thanks to the KOTESOL Association for their support for the webinar and the recording is now available to watch in case you wish to learn more.

If you wish for me to provide a webinar in relation to teaching remotely, then please get in touch with the form below. I am also considering doing a weekly live webinar training session for teachers, so let me know if there is any interest with this.

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  1. Barrett Shaffer

    You asked about the interest in you “webinar in relation to teaching remotely,.” I personally would love it. There is a gap in the information online regarding ESL teachers. I have learned a tremendous amount reading through the various ESL Facebook pages I have joined. I joke that I am learning as much this way as I did in the TEFL I just completed and the micro courses I am still taking. I have a US bachelor’s degree (journalism/international studies); – I have my teaching credential (expired, I don’t live in California any longer); -I was a classroom teacher in San Diego, Czech Republic, and Sweden – I worked in corporate for 2 decades – BUT I lack any online teaching experience and I am nervous as Haiti about when I get my first student!!! My only idea to help myself overcome this is to offer some free lessons to some friends in Romania via a charity I am involved with. I have some veterinarians and vet techs that have volunteered to be my guinea pigs. I would love to see some webinars on actual teaching, especially geared to newer online teachers. Method as opposed to pedagogue I guess???

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