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IATEFL Glasgow Conference 2012: Supporting Documents for the Talk

I am now starting to think about the IATEFL Glasgow Conference which is being held in a couple of weeks from now.  Last year, I submitted my application to hold a talk which was related to my MA dissertation.  Fortunately, this talk was accepted and I am now sitting down to finalise the presentation and all the handouts.  I also am hoping to promote my iBook that I published recently on the iBooks Store (further information is available below).  Some of the material (and previous blog posts) that I shall be referring to during my talk is available below:

eBook Available: “Prompting Authentic Interaction in the ELT Classroom”
Further information and a link for the iBook about Dogme ELT and the incorporation of this in the classroom.

Classroom Activities to Prompt Authentic Conversation
Some ideas to develop and support authentic conversation in the classroom.

Dogme ELT: Short Dissertation Summary
A short summary of my dissertation that I submitted last year towards my MA course at the University of Sussex.

Dogme for Elementary Japanese Learners
Some post reflection of a class that I taught at the University of Sussex about the incorporation of Dogme ELT.

Teaching Unplugged: First Video at the University of Sussex
As my final experimental teaching practice for the TEFL-Q course was recorded, I decided to incorporate Dogme ELT into this course.  This blog post includes a video of my first time of using Dogme in the classroom.

Further information about my IATEFL Talk is below:
Date & Time: Friday 23 March 2012 at 12:40 to 13:25
Room Number: Staffa

Further information about the other talks available at the IATEFL Conference can be accessed with the Conference Programme.  I look forward to watching some of the other talks and meeting some people from the twitter-sphere.

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  1. Leo

    I don't consider myself a dogmetician but this looks interesting. I'll try to come and recommend it to other people I'll be travelling with
    Good luck!

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