In IELTS Speaking Part 1, the Examiner will introduce themselves and then ask you some basic questions on a range of familiar subjects which will last between 4-5 minutes. One topic that your Examiner may ask you during IELTS Speaking Part 1 could be about reading. In this post, we shall look at common questions about reading and how best to answer them.

Common Questions

Here are some common questions that the IELTS Examiner may ask you about reading. Think of your own situation regarding reading and how you would possibly answer these questions.

  • Do you enjoy reading? Why or why not?
  • What sort of things do you read?
  • Tell me something about your favourite book.
  • What was the last novel you read?
  • What are the advantages of reading instead of watching television or going to the cinema?

How To Answer

When people think about reading, their first instinct is to think of books but there are plenty other things which people tend to read. These could very well include books or novels but also magazines, websites, poetry, newspapers or academic articles. Do not constrain your answer to include books or novels but try to include other types of reading that you normally read.

Think of things that you enjoy reading. You may enjoy magazines but dislike newspapers and consider reasons why you enjoy magazines or dislike newspapers. Try to extend your answer so if you are asked about the last novel that you had read, consider explaining a bit more about it: the plot, characters, what you liked or disliked and any other relevant information.

Common Vocabulary About Reading

There are some common vocabulary you could use when talking about reading and these could include:

  • Sci-fi (Science fiction) novel: a book about an imaginary future with advanced technology and science
  • Biographies: books about real people and their lives
  • Short stories: stories which can be read within a day (usually around 10 pages)
  • Novels: stories which are much longer (usually around 300 pages or more)
  • Poetry: literature which expresses human emotion and feelings in an artistic way
  • A real page turner: a book which makes you continue reading page after page
  • I couldn’t put it down: the book was so interesting that you could not put the book down
  • To be put off: a phrase to describe a book, person or place which you dislike and will not try again in the future

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