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How To Get Your First EFL Job After The CELTA

Getting your first EFL job can be quite a challenge but needn’t be. In this post, we look at how to get your first EFL job after the CELTA and what resources are available. There is also a YouTube video which accompanies this post.

One of the biggest challenges is seeking a position as a newly certified EFL teacher. There are some opportunities available in certain countries which allow new teachers to flourish. 

Here are some websites which you could refer to when seeking for your first EFL teaching job:

These websites are the first places to visit. You should consider the following: whether you are eligible to teach in particular countries (there are sometimes visa restrictions placed on certain nationalities due to visa legislation), remuneration of the position, the length of contract as well as expected duties.

When applying for jobs, you will have to update your CV and also nominate a CELTA trainer as a referee to comment on your ability as an EFL teacher so it is important to ask your trainers whether they are able to provide a reference. Furthermore, it would be important to have all the documents scanned on your computer and ready to email off to potential recruiters and schools.

Finally, register on the websites above as a job seeker and get all your documents together. This will ease the process of applying for a job. Once you register as a job seeker on the websites, such as Dave’s ESL Café or TEFL.com, then you would start to receive some possible correspondence from recruiters wishing for you to start a position with selected schools. In a future post/video, I will give some pointers to consider when dealing with recruiters and being selective with your job hunt. 

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Happy teaching ?‍??‍? 

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  1. Kim Ooi

    Two other ways of getting a job:
    1. Network, network, network – I got my first TEFL job in China thanks to a LinkedIn contact.
    2. seriousteachers.com is another really good website for TEFL vacancies.

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