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CELTA Tips: How To Fail The CELTA Course

Hello and welcome to a new episode of CELTA Tips. Many of my videos on this playlist look at various ways to pass the CELTA but today we are going to look at how to fail the course. You may be wondering why I want to share some ideas on failing the course but I want you to know some things to consider when doing the course so you make sure that you are not doing them.

1. Arguing With The Trainers

The easiest way to fail the CELTA course is to argue with the CELTA Trainers. I had a candidate on my course and he was always arguing with the trainers about the methodology and was very vocal. Don’t argue with the trainers. They are there to support you and if you argue with the trainers, they will encourage you to leave the course.

2. Arguing With Trainees

Another way to fail the course is to argue with the other trainees on the CELTA Course. You are all there to learn how to plan lessons, develop knowledge and teach effectively but if you are arguing with other trainees or not supporting them on their journey as well, then you will isolate yourself and will fail the course.

3. Not Responding To Trainers’ Feedback

Whenever you teach a class, your trainers will provide you with feedback for you to consider using in your future classes during the CELTA Course. However, if you don’t listen and you don’t incorporate what is recommended in classes, you will more than likely fail teaching sessions and this will cause you to fail the course.

4. Not Preparing In Time

One integral part of the CELTA Course is to plan and organise material for your teaching sessions. However, I have heard that there have been cases where candidates have asked CELTA Trainers to help them cut up material before a particular class that the trainee was due to teach. This will not help you and it is a great way to be kicked off the course. Don’t leave the preparation of material or lesson planning to the last minute. Get your lesson material and plan all prepared the night before so you don’t have to worry the following day.

5. Being Lazy

The easiest way to be kicked off a CELTA Course is to be completely lazy and expecting other trainees and trainers to help you during the course. If you think the CELTA Course is a walk in a park, then it is perhaps not the course for you. When the Director of the CELTA Centre came in to introduce himself and give us a talk about the course I was going to take, he called it the boot camp of English language teaching and he wasn’t joking. It is not a course for those that think they can relax and expect to be given a free pass.

So those are five different ways you can fail the CELTA Course. Can you think of different ways candidates can fail the course? Have you taken the course and have you got any anecdotes to share with subscribers? If so, let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to Like and Subscribe. See you soon in a future video and happy teaching!

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  1. Tom Morgan

    From my experiences, you have to be pretty dumb and pretty lazy to not get a grade of pass.

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