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Harry Potter: Intermediate Lesson Plan

Harry Potter LessonHello all. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and you haven’t eaten too much chocolate.  I have been very good and resisted as much chocolate as possible, but I have been very naughty and decided to eat it after my resistance faded.  Anyhow, I have another lesson plan – this time focused on the Harry Potter books – which you could use in class.  It is hope that students would react positively to this lesson plan and then decide to read the Harry Potter novels in their free time.

The lesson focuses on the different books, the names of the books, more specialist Harry Potter language as well as a jigsaw reading activity about Harry Potter.  For a nice activity at the end of the lesson, students have a quiz.  You can access the lesson plan and all material below but I have been kind enough to attach the lesson to this blog as a PDF file.

Please enjoy and let me know how you get on in class!

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Harry Potter Lesson Plan (PDF Format)


  1. Looks like a solid lesson Sketch, I’m going to try it next week. Regarding our conversation on extension activities, a couple I was thinking about were:
    Get students to write a timetable or a diary entry – ‘a day in the life of Harry Potter’. Or you could do ‘A day in the life of Hedwig’, something like that.
    Another possibility… students talk about their favourite apps, then speculate about what might be a good app for a wizard. You could get them to design the app maybe.

  2. Fantastic Lesson! I might try in the future!

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