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English UK Annual Teachers’ Conference: Handouts

This is a blog post for complementary material to accompany the talk given at the English UK Annual Teachers’ Conference in London on 9 November 2013.  I have included a PDF of my handout, a slideshow of my presentation as well as a YouTube tutorial about using Google Drive for online research in ELT.  I hope this is useful and thanks for either attending my talk or reviewing the material on this topic.

[scribd id=182688525 key=key-d5c3zh9zvucqhzxmmem mode=scroll]

[slideshare id=28051286&doc=onlineresearchenglishuk-131108142249-phpapp01]



  1. Hi Martin, thanks for posting this. I have never used online data collection methods before, so it’s nice to see how easy Google Drive is. I wish I had been able to see the talk. I shall be letting a few people, who are currently doing their MAs, know about this post.

    • Martin Sketchley

      Hi David. Thank you for your reply. The talk went well but I wish more people attended because I really believe that Google Drive can streamline the research process and having 5 people attend was a start. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to share my experiences and belief that Google can really help people with their research. When I head over to Korea this Christmas, let me know if you would like to meet up for a beer and a bite to eat. I would be happy to give a talk at your WSE Centre on English language teaching for staff and give them some ideas on technology or something alike.

      • It would be good to meet up some time over Christmas when you get over here. Perhaps let me know nearer the time and we can exchange mobile numbers. As for WSE, I’m not sure I would have the authority to organise any sort of ‘outside’ training in the centre, might be better to speak to someone higher up the chain.

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