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By - Martin Sketchley

English Speaking Tests: WSI Korea Podcast

A few weeks ago, I was asked to record a podcast for Wall Street English (WSI Korea) for their English learners providing some advice with the speaking tasks of any reputable English test such as the FCE, IELTS, etc.  It was a pleasure and an honour to develop a podcast for English learners.

I would highly recommend English learners to view the WSI Korea Podcast on iTunes and subscribe.  Their podcasts are incredibly informative and offer practical tips on developing strategies to acquire and learn English.

As a reminder, I am currently taking on some ideas for my next video blog so if there is something that you would like me to talk about then please comment below or send me an email.  On another note, if you are a teacher, educator or learner and would like to participate in the ELT Experiences Podcast then also please let me know.


Martin 🙂

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Good information about English it is very useful for students

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Julia Robert (@julia0345) at

Thanks for sharing this nice post. It is very difficult to convey points properly to the listener, if you don’t make your mind before speaking something in English.

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