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In this post I have developed material for teachers to incorporate into lessons related to food – not such a good idea if you have any Arabic learners as Ramadan has just started. This particular lesson lasts around 45 minutes and is a good task for learners to become more aware of British food.

Lesson Staging

  1. Start the lesson by writing up some discussion questions on the whiteboard:
    • What is a popular dish from you country? Can you describe it?
    • What do you normally have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
    • What is the most unusual thing that you have ever eaten?
  2. Put students into small groups or pairs and get them to ask each other for a few minutes. Monitor and provide feedback at the end of the quick discussion activity.
  3. Next, ask students what British food that they know and board up some of the food that they suggest.
  4. Tell students that they are going to learn a bit more about British food and will have to match the name of the food to the picture.
  5. Hand out the first worksheet (page 1) and get the small group or pairs of learners to guess what food is which. Monitor and support where necessary.
  6. Once students have finished elicit possible answers and correct where required.
  7. Tell students that they are going to read about these types of English food but now need to match the descriptions to the food. Hand out the second worksheet (page 2).
  8. Again, monitor and support students before eliciting possible answers.
  9. You could personalise the lesson by getting students to describe food from their country. Students could write and find pictures to help. It would be a great project.

I hope that this lesson is useful. The material is available to view, download and print below.

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