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I enjoy writing book reviews for various publishers as it offers me the opportunity to critically evaluate books and to judge material or text suitable for my context of teaching.  Books that have been reviewed include the following:

Become an Online English Teacher (2015) Nestor Kiourtzidis, Pavilion ELT, (Reviewed 19 August 2020)

Pronunciation Practice Activities (2004) Martin Hewings, Cambridge University Press, (Reviewed 22 February 2017)

Text Chat Activities (2015) Mark Oliver, Amazon Media EU S.à r.l., (Reviewed 16 September 2016)

At Work (2016) Paul Walsh, The Round, (Reviewed 3 June 2016)

Logic Activities (2016) David Boughton, The Round, (Reviewed 3 June 2016)

Brainstorming (2016) Gerhard Erasmus and Hall Houston, The Round, (Reviewed 8 April 2016)

When Vowels Get Together (2014) Bob Knowles, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, (Reviewed 21 March 2016)

Penny Ur’s 100 Teacher Tips (2016) Penny Ur, Cambridge University Press, (Reviewed EFL Magazine 16 March 2016)

The Ultimate Guide to CELTA (2014) Amanda Momeni and Emma Jones, Survival Guide to CELTA, (Reviewed 15 March 2016)

The Book of Pronunciation (2012) Jonathan Marks and Tim Bowen, DELTA Teacher Development Series, (Reviewed 28 August 2015)

Mind the App! (2012) Thomas Strasser, Helbling Languages GmbH, (Reviewed 10 July 2015)

Film in Action: Teaching Language Using Moving Images (2015) Kieran Donaghy, DELTA Teacher Development Series, (Reviewed 12 June 2015)

Translation and Own-language Activities (2014) Philip Kerr, Cambridge University Press, (Reviewed IATEFL Voices Issue 241)

Language Learning with Technology (2013) Graham Stanley, Cambridge University Press, (Republished and Reviewed TESL Canade SHARE July 2014)

Language Learning with Technology (2013) Graham Stanley, Cambridge University Press, (Reviewed IATEFL Voices Issue 236).

Innovations in English Language Teaching to Migrants and Refugees (2012) ed. David Mallows, British Council (Reviewed Spring Issue NATECLA News, March 2013).

Memory Activities for Language Learning (2011) Bilbrough, N.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Reviewed The English Connection Winter 2012, KOTESOL, Volume 16, Issue 4).

CLIL Activities (2012) Dale, L and Tanner, R.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Reviewed 24 November 2012).

Classroom Management Techniques (2012) Scrivener, J.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Reviewed 21 November 2012).

Pronunciation..? (2012) User Design (Reviewed 20 August 2012).

English Grammar Today: An A-Z of Spoken and Written Grammar (2011) Carter, R., McCarthy, M., Mark, G. and O’Keefe, A.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Reviewed in IATEFL Voices Issue 223).

Digital Play (2011) Mawer, L. and Stanley, G.  Surrey: DELTA Publishing (Reviewed on 18 October 2011).

Learning One-to-One (2010) Wisniewska, I.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Reviewed on 30 September 2011).

Teaching Unplugged (2009) Meddings, L. and Thornbury, S.  Surrey: DELTA Publishing (Reviewed on 7 December 2010).

Second Language Acquisition (1997) Ellis, R.  Oxford: Oxford University Press (Reviewed on 3 November 2010).

Teaching Online (2010) Hockly, N. with Clandfield, L.  Surrey: DELTA Publishing (Reviewed on 27 October 2010).

Teaching English Grammar (2010) Scrivener, J.  Oxford: Macmillan Education (Reviewed on 31 August 2010).


  1. Stephen Lemlek

    Loved the review on Digital Play… edutainment is such an important concept to deal with

  2. Dear All,
    How´s it going? I hope you´re doing just fine!
    I was wondering if I could advertise my latest book (see below) in your blog and how it could be done.
    José Roberto A. Igreja

    Dear ELT Professional,
    After thorough research, meticulous planning, creative insights and a lot of hard work and fun moments I am thrilled to announce the worldwide launch of:

    LET´S TALK ABOUT IT! – The Ultimate ELT Conversation Book.

    This is my twenty-first publication and my first self-published book. It´s designed for ESL/EFL teachers and students around the globe, so it has an international appeal to it. What´s this book all about and why is it so special?
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    • Martin Sketchley

      Hello Jose. Thank you for the message. If you would like me to review your book, then please get in contact via email (martinsketchley@eltexperiences.com), so we can discuss this further.

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