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Month: June 2018

Five Ways to Use Buzzers in Class


I have been involved with teacher training for over 5 years now and I had the opportunity, last week, to observe a fellow colleague for the first time since he joined us for the summer. The teacher had previous experience in Vietnam and had been teaching there for many years and has just returned back to England for a short period. Anyhow, there were a few nice ideas which I have now decided to borrow/steal/use next time that I am in class. The biggest thing that I first saw in the classroom was the use of buzzers. You know the buzzers from game shows. You press them and it creates a sound, lighting up. From this observation last week, I have been thinking of creative ways to use buzzers in class and I have suggested five teaching ideas for class.

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10 Ideas to Use Songs in Class

Earlier yesterday, I observed a lesson which revolved around the worksheet on The Food Blues: BusyTeacher, that also included a song. I believe there is a lot more you can actually do with songs in class, as well as exploiting the resource and make it more engaging. It is a great resource and what the teacher actually did in the lead up to the listening task was wonderful but there are still a few things that you can exploit from the worksheet. This blog post looks at 10 practical ideas of using songs in class.

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“Wacky Races” Lesson Plan

I few months ago, I was sitting with my Director of Studies and some teachers and we were discussing of ways to engage some Colombian young learners with material in relation to cars. One idea that was thought up was the old TV series, “Wacky Races”. I sat down for a half a week and created a lesson around this TV series. If you have never watched “Wacky Races” before, I would definitely recommend watching the following clip below. It is funny to know that the TV series was first shown on TV in 1968. Some of the best TV series never get old.

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10 Tips for Teaching Young Learners

When teachers complete their CELTA (or equivalent course), they are more than likely going to be teaching young learners. Something which is not necessarily covered in great detail during their course. You are expected to teach young learners of any age – and I have written a blog post about teaching primary aged learners – I hope this post is more focused on the teaching of learners which are from the ages of 10 years or above. I personally remember completing the CELTA course, only to return to teaching young learners.  Much of what I learnt teaching young learners was through personal experience in the classroom and chatting to other young learner teachers. However, it can be quite daunting for any newly certified teacher to enter a YL class and expect to teach. Hopefully, this post will give teachers – no matter their experience – ten practical ideas to develop confidence when entering a young learner class.

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