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New Video: Getting Students to Write

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Happy New Year all! May I wish you all the very best of luck for 2017!

It has been a very busy few months for me. Unfortunately, I have not focused too much time on the blog. So apologies. It is always difficult juggling between a full-time job, getting videos uploaded on YouTube and dedicating time to this blog. I really appreciate your support and I thank you for your patience.

Anyhow, a new year and a new aim to get more and more videos up ready for my readers which focus solely on English language teaching! And to keep this promise, I have uploaded a new video which focuses on getting students to write. This was actually a Live lesson on the ELT Experiences’ Facebook Group. It has been edited and can be watched below. I hope you enjoy this lesson. If there is something that you would like me to focus on in a future video, let me know and I will consider this.


Author: Martin Sketchley

I have been an English language teacher for over 10 years both abroad and now currently in the UK. I am highly interested in teaching to young learners, professional development and curriculum development.

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