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“How Filming Lessons Could Completely Change Professional Development”: Modern English Teacher


The latest article published in Modern English Teacher focuses more on the latest filming that I have focused more in the past few months. Have a read to find out a bit more how teachers could film their classes for their own personal CPD as well as sharing ideas with out English teaching professionals from around the world.

Perhaps I should focus on a future article about how to edit and upload a video to a website which promotes video sharing such as YouTube. For example, I have to spend hours editing the video, rendering it, upload it to YouTube and then finally add effects and thumbnails. It takes a lot longer than you think but it is rewarding to see so many people deciding on watching some of the videos.

Have you ever recorded your lessons? What would you do with the material? Would you be happy to share your class with the world?


Author: Martin Sketchley

I have been an English language teacher for over 10 years both abroad and now currently in the UK. I am highly interested in teaching to young learners, professional development and curriculum development.

4 thoughts on ““How Filming Lessons Could Completely Change Professional Development”: Modern English Teacher

  1. I think it’s a great idea to film your lessons and share it with other teachers. I’m a teacher trainer at uni as well as an EFL teacher in high school. I had my lessons filmed and shared them with teacher trainees as well as other teachers 🙂

  2. Here is the link to a part of my lesson on 2 Conditional – ‘Let’s ROCK grammar’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO-a2_bJUdA&t=37s

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