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“Punctuation..?” – Book Review

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“Punctuation..?” published by User Design Books is a wonderfully cheerful and refreshing change to all these current grammar books that are available in most bookstores.  As teachers, we are looking for ever increasing and interesting methods to teach and formulate basic grammar ideas with “Punctuation..?” being a nice change for the ever increasing demand of grammar books.

The book exposes 17 of the most misunderstood or misused rules in English grammar: from Apostrophe to Semicolon.  The lovely illustrations complement the ‘easy-to-understand’ write-ups for each of the 17 grammar points (with some broken down further) and replaces a lot of the bulk of text found in some other grammar books.

Essentially, “Punctuation ..?” is a book aimed for improving English writers but can also be developed for use, even as a reference book, in the language classroom.  The wonderful illustrations will give teachers some source, ideas and opportunities to develop for use on the board as well as provide some much needed difference for art-work in the classroom.

“Punctuation..?” is by no means a complete grammar dictionary, but the simplicity, and ease of grammar rules that it communicates, really complements a lot of grammar books, which are sometimes stuffed full of various rules, difficult to remember, even for the most professionally motivated teacher or student, and difficult to dissect.  The book is suitable for a wide-range of ages and is probably one of the best gifts that a student or teacher could receive.


Author: Martin Sketchley

I have been an English language teacher for over 10 years both abroad and now currently in the UK. I am highly interested in teaching to young learners, professional development and curriculum development.

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