Last week, we looked at the first part of the second CELTA written assignment. This week, we look at the second component of this assignment and what to consider.

When completing the Part 2 of the second written assignment, you need to answer the following points:

  • Say why you have chosen this text for this specific group of learners
  • Say what receptive skills and/or sub-skills could be practised using this text
  • Say what productive skills and/or sub-skills could be practised using this text
  • Design and submit tasks for practising these skills and say why you think these tasks will help you achieve your aims

It is an extended essay with the reasoning of what you are planning to do with your group of learners. As I mention in the video above, it is best to make a note of possible weaknesses of learners in the classroom and focus on what could be exploited in future lessons. If you take a notebook and pen into all trainee teaching sessions that you observe, then this will help you make a note of not just what the trainees are doing but how the students are responding to the tasks and what could be done better. This will help you inform what you could do and also help with this part of the assignment.

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