WAFA Zekri

A PhD student
A PhD student

Dear all,

I am a third year PhD student in the UK. I work on education and my topic is related EFL learners' experiences. It is quit important to look at this side from a narrative inquiry as there is very few research done in this area.

I have taught for two years an ESP course to three different specialties (Engineering, political sciences and Technology students)

I am an intuitive teacher; I use my ideas to motivate and support students' thinking. I use ICT to enhance my aims of teaching for each target group and according to their needs from learning English language.

I never imagined to be a dentist, but I always played my hobby in childhood as a teacher by explaining to friends what we had in class.




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PhD student @ The University of Northampton
Oct 2015 — Current
I am at the beginning of my third year of my PhD program, I would love to share some of my teaching skills with EFL/ ESL students at any age.

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