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    Martin Sketchley

    What are your favourite games in the classroom? Just a quick thread to share some ideas. Let me get started by telling you one of my favourite games with songs:

    Song Lyric Snatch
    Rather than getting a simple gapfill activity, I like to get students to do some detailed listening and up from their seats. Do the following:

    1. Compile a list of key vocabulary from the song, between 15-20 words and then stick them up on the whiteboard.
    2. Put students into two groups and in single file facing the board.
    3. Tell students that you will play a song and they have to listen to a word which is on the whiteboard and when they hear it they must take it, then go to the back of the line and then the next person must listen to the following word.
    4. Play the song. The group of students with the most amount of words at the end of the song are the winners.

    So here you go, this is one of my favourite games with a song. What is your favourite game in the classroom?

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