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Yichang is located in the western part of Hubei province, central China. Being the second largest city in Hubei province, Yichang is a Nationally Civilized City and is proudly elected as one of the top 100 competitive cities in China. Since Yichang is home to the world-famous Three Gorges Dam, it is entitled as “the hydroelectric capital of the world”, as well as “China’s dynamic heart” and “the piano city of the world”. Yichang has a long and rich history graced by many famous people who were born locally such as the Patriotic Poet QuYuan and the National Friendship Envoy Wang Zhaojun. Yichang is a city with pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, amicable people, and friendly living conditions.

Yichang Jindongfang Education Group, founded in 2004 by Oscar Shi, is a private education group, and it presently has 6 independent school districts including 1 kindergarten, 4 primary schools, 2 junior middle schools, 2 senior middle schools, 6 language training centers covering elementary and secondary levels, a farm with an area of 6 km2 which is also a campsite for juvenile after-school activities, called Three Gorges International Youth Camp. This year, there are 8000 students in total and around 1000 employees (about 25 foreigners) in our Jindongfang Education Group. With strong management, Jindongfang Education Group has earned the recognition and positive reputation by the local education authority and the public.

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