Restaurants in London: Lesson Plan

I created a new lesson about food and restaurants in London the other week for the Chinese students that I am teaching at the moment.  I thought I would share this lesson for my followers.  The lesson is aimed at introducing UK food and restaurant culture in the form of a reading relay activity.  One activity that the students have to do is to complete a question formation prior to the reading relay.  However, before starting the class I would recommend teachers to put up the reading (available below) around the classroom or alternatively arrange eight chairs with the text on each chair.

Visit London – Restaurants

The question formation activity is also available to download and print.

Visit London – Restaurants (Questions)

If you wish to add or make any recommendations to the lesson, please feel free to comment.

A Perfect Day: Lesson Plan

It is a lovely day in Eastbourne today; the sun is shining, it’s not too windy and above all it’s my wife’s birthday.  Such a perfect day.  Today I created a lesson related to perfect days.  Have a look below to my lesson plan:

  • Brainstorm with students activities that you do during the weekend (‘walk along the seafront’, ‘meet friends’, etc) and write their ideas on the whiteboard.
  • Explain to students that they are going to listen to a song, and as you have guessed, Lou Reed “Perfect Day”.
  • Put students into groups (3 or 4 students) and hand out the tagxedo picture featuring the lyrics and ask students to rewrite the lyrics using the words in the tagxedo as a prompt.  The students listen to the song a couple of times.

  • Students present their version of the lyrics to the class.
  • Once everyone has presented to the class, handout the lyric sheet to students so that they are able to compare with their version.

This lesson also complements the One Stop English “Perfect Day” listening activity.  The lesson plan is available to view below.  If you require the audio file, it is available to download here.

Perfect Day