MA ELT – Assignments Complete

For those that have been following the blog must have noticed that it hasn’t been updated recently.  So where have I been?  Unfortunately, I was so busy and focused on MA Assignments that I have left blogging for a month.  Followers should expect further blog posts on articles about SLA, more book reviews, experiences of the DELTA-equivalent course (which I am doing at University as part of the MA course) as well as potential blog posts about the IATEFL in Brighton.
Nonetheless, this Spring Term at University, I am doing an “Advanced Teaching Practice” course (which is recognised as a DELTA equivalent qualification) as well as doing the “Principles & Practice of ELT”.  The teaching practice module includes class observation and teaching practice.  There are three of us on the course.  By the end of the Spring Term, we would have to create and submit a teaching portfolio for the ten weeks of teaching practice/observations.  The teaching portfolio includes the following:

TP Portfolio
  1. Introductory personal reflections: as a teacher, as an MA student, expectations, aims for the teaching practice etc. [approx. 500 words]
  2. Brief profile of the core learner group (age, L1, needs, background)
  3. Profile of one individual learner from the group in more detail  [approx. 500 words]
  4. Lessons taught: all associated documentation from lesson planning, selected materials, feedback from tutors
  5. Reflective Evaluation for each lesson [approx. 500 words each]
  6. Observations: 1 peer observation (of TP lesson) plus 1 video observation
    • Focus for observation and reasons
    • Reflection on the outcomes and relevance to own teaching practice [approx. 500 words each observation]
  7. Written overall summative self-evaluation and reflection  [approx. 1000-1500 words]

With the teaching practice, there are various areas that is assessed or expected.

  • a minimum of 5 hours must be taught and observed
  • each class must comprise at least 6 adult learners of English
  • each lesson must include a distinct focus on language systems (grammar, phonology and lexis) or a distinct focus on at least two of the four skills
  • each lesson must have work on both systems and skills
  • overall during the 5 hours, all systems and skills must be covered
  • lesson content and aims to be discussed with TP tutor
  • copies of lesson plan and teaching materials to be provided to TP tutor in advance of the lesson
  • each lesson is assessed in terms of planning and teaching skills (see separate feedback forms and assessment criteria)

The Principles & Practice of ELT is slightly different with an assessed 5000 word assignment at the end of the course.  The course focuses on the theory and development of ELT. The course outline is below:

Course Outline
Week 1: Course overview & ELT methods & methodology
Week 2: Receptive skills
Week 3: Productive skills
Week 4: Teaching phonology
Week 5: Teaching lexis
Week 6: Teaching grammar
Week 7: Computer-assisted language learning
Week 8: Testing and assessment
Week 9: Teaching English as an International Language
Week 10: Current issues in ELT & term paper topics

Each week I shall be posting blog posts on the above areas in ELT.  So expect a blog post about the ELT methods and methodology very soon.

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3 thoughts on “MA ELT – Assignments Complete

  1. Hi! I am a teacher of english too and i am trying to decide what to study in order to find a job in uk. I have received offers for both Ma ELT and Ma TEFEL but i don't know which i should choose. Could you help me out?

  2. The terms ELT or TEFL are interchangeable in most respects. What you should be considering is whether the university that you study at is a respected establishment and that the course has got a good reputation. Anyhow, if your interest is in language (not teaching) you could consider taking an MA in Applied Linguistics but if you are highly interested in teaching take an MA in ELT or TEFL. Personally, I prefer the acronym ELT but that is due to the negative connotations 'TEFL' could be related to.

    In my opinion, 'TEFL' is considered to a backpacker's job or those that people do during their gap year. Unfortunately, that is the negative opinion of our profession.

    Nonetheless, you should choose a course that you enjoy at an institute that is established. You could try to contact past students of the course (a good university will always be happy for you to contact their previous students) and something that can reassure you that you are making the right choice.

    Best of luck and enjoy the experience.

  3. Asma:::I have done Ma ELT . I ll suggest you if you interested in teaching then do Elt Boz its all base on teaching a second language. It has 24 subjects in which they will explain you that how to teach? Which type of environment should be while teaching?but i enjoyed alot during my ma.

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