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World Cup 2010: Lesson Ideas


The World Cup is a great opportunity for many teachers to introduce songs, facts and information for the classroom but another possibility for teachers is to use pictures. However, why would a teacher wish to use pictures in the classroom?

Pictures can support creative thinking, encourage free-thought and allow students the opportunity to discuss ideas amongst themselves. For example, how could teachers use the picture below in the classroom?

Ideas for the picture above could include:
  • Make a headline
  • What is the player in the background thinking?
  • Do you know player number 10?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • What is number 13/15 thinking?
  • Describe the picture to a partner and get them to draw it without them seeing the original.

I hope this sparks some ideas and if you have more, please feel free to comment.

Author: Martin Sketchley

I am an English Language Teacher in the UK with 9 years teaching experience in South Korea, Romania as well as in the UK. I have taught various courses (General English, Business English, EAP, ESOL, etc) to different nationalities. I am also a Cambridge ESOL Examiner and mark various B2 to C1 level examinations. I hold an MA in ELT from the University of Sussex, a DELTA equivalent, a TYLEC (young learner extension certificate) as well as a CELTA from the British Council Seoul, South Korea.

2 thoughts on “World Cup 2010: Lesson Ideas

  1. Hi Martin

    Some great ideas here for creative thinking, speaking and writing skills.

    I love the idea of using fotobabble. Students could record their thoughts of various pictures on a similar theme and then add the fotobabbles to a class blog for everyone to view and comment upon.

    Students could add fun speech bubbles to pictures using Speechable.

  2. Great idea Janet. I saw some great photos of football coaches and those would brilliant for speech bubbles.

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