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World Cup 2010: Lesson Ideas


The World Cup is a great opportunity for many teachers to introduce songs, facts and information for the classroom but another possibility for teachers is to use pictures. However, why would a teacher wish to use pictures in the classroom?

Pictures can support creative thinking, encourage free-thought and allow students the opportunity to discuss ideas amongst themselves. For example, how could teachers use the picture below in the classroom?

Ideas for the picture above could include:
  • Make a headline
  • What is the player in the background thinking?
  • Do you know player number 10?
  • What do you think will happen next?
  • What is number 13/15 thinking?
  • Describe the picture to a partner and get them to draw it without them seeing the original.

I hope this sparks some ideas and if you have more, please feel free to comment.

Author: Martin Sketchley

Martin Sketchley is an English language teacher with teaching experience in the UK, South Korea and Romania. He is currently a Young Learner Co-ordinator at LTC Eastbourne and is responsible for the delivery of high quality lessons and teaching, the development of the young learner curriculum and teacher training. Martin also maintains his website which focuses on book reviews, practical teaching tips and ideas as well as lesson plans that other teachers could include in their lessons as well. Martin's specialism is related to humanistic forms of teaching, pronunciation and the phonemic chart in lessons and the use of authentic material in class. Please contact Martin should you like him to review a book or would like him to speak at an English language teaching conference.

2 thoughts on “World Cup 2010: Lesson Ideas

  1. Hi Martin

    Some great ideas here for creative thinking, speaking and writing skills.

    I love the idea of using fotobabble. Students could record their thoughts of various pictures on a similar theme and then add the fotobabbles to a class blog for everyone to view and comment upon.

    Students could add fun speech bubbles to pictures using Speechable.

  2. Great idea Janet. I saw some great photos of football coaches and those would brilliant for speech bubbles.

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